Chridant Mining and Construction Ltd is a wholly Nigerian Company, that provides all facets of mining services, construction services, marine logistics services of global standard, dredging, Reclamation, Infrastructural development, Haulage services, Training and Development of crews, Sand filling of road embankments, River Crossings, Sweeping of Wellhead Slots  and Access Channels, Shore Protection and Consolidation, Canalization, Demarcation of navigable channels & Fabrication of Buoys and other navigation accessories, Flood and Erosion Control, Land & Hydrographic Survey, Dredge Consultancy, Flood and Erosion Control, Shoreline Protection & Consolidation, Sand filling of road embankments, canalization/Channelization, Urban Renewal and Reclamation Services, River Crossing , Sweeping of Wellheads Slots  and Access Channels, Dredge Consultancy, Land & Hydrographic Survey, Dredge fabrication, Bore hole drilling, Equipment sales, Equipment lease, Consultancy Services, Pilling, Exploration and mining services

CHRIDANT Mining and Construction Ltd  commenced active business operations in 2010 in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State (Niger Delta) but was incorporated in 2018 as a private limited liability company with an authorized and paid up Share Capital of N1,000,000 divided into 1,000,000 Ordinary Shares of N1 each. Developing rapidly under the management of competent and prudent hands and becoming a household name for quality, CMC Limited has acquired valuable experiences during our various operations in the environmentally sensitive Niger Delta. Based on our excellent health, safety and environmental management policy rigorously pursued to attain hitch-free operations, we are bold to say that we have consistently maintained a good record. Similarly, we have been discharging our corporate social responsibilities as required.

CMCL employs a staff complement of over 20 highly motivated and experienced Nigerians to provide its services.