Before Reclamation:

Reclamation in progress:

Land Reclamation:

Dredging and land reclamation are more than just CMC Limited core activities. They are at the very foundation of the company. CMC Limited is involved in huge, complex dredging and land reclamation projects, offering customers cutting-edge solutions. Over the past few years CMC Limited has executed major marine engineering infrastructure works such as waterways, residential and recreational areas, industrial areas, roads, bridges etc

-Maintenance Dredging:


Sedimentation and siltation are natural phenomena, and a permanent threat to navigation and accessibility of ports.

Maintenance dredging requires a lot of knowledge about the dynamics of an estuary, and even more experience on how to deal with tides, currents, flood channels, bars, bends, and the various nature of suspended material. It is carried out with respect for the environment, reducing overflow and limiting turbidity. Moreover, smart dredging supports the natural processes and uses the river dynamics for keeping the gateways open. Sophisticated software and automation onboard off CMCL equipment in partnership with other companies secure increased performance and optimized monitoring.

-Capital Dredging:

Capital Dredging

The ever increasing scale of large bulk carriers and container ships; and the continuous growth of trade have made capital dredging an absolute must. Creation of new ports, deepening and widening access channels, berthing places, docks, and turning basins are a permanent necessity in order to meet the needs of our trade and economy.

Capital dredging is carried out in a perspective of sustainable development, aiming for the long term and with respect for nature. Often, it is executed in sensitive estuaries with proper dynamics and valuable marine life. Continuous innovation is needed to improve ship building, navigation-, and dredging technology; to limit turbidity; to reduce overflow; to increase productivity; and to secure data monitoring and output control.

-Coastal Protection:

Coastal Protection:

Half of the world’s population lives within 200 km from the sea. Coastal areas are clusters of dense population, valuable assets such as port infrastructure, human activities, commercial and industrial business, fishing and shipping. Tourism adds to the enormous value generated along the coast and the immediate hinterland. It all happens on a small stretch of land, which is home to rich but fragile natural habitats.

Coastal protection provides defense against flooding and erosion, caused by waves and tides, winds, currents and littoral drift. Sea level rising, global climate change and melting of the ice caps will increase the need for coastal defense. CMCL has acquired knowledge and experience of various techniques in this field: construction of hard structures such as seawalls; breakwaters to protect exposed harbours; underwater bunds; fixed piers or open-piled jetties; sand traps such as groynes; coastal armouring with revetments, gabions, acropodes as well as soft engineering solutions including sand dune stabilization and beach nourishment.


Beach Nourishment:

Beach nourishment is a soft alternative to hard coastal defenses and protects against flooding and erosion by dissipating the wave energy. Moreover, it creates an environment for developing tourism and related services. It is executed with natural elements and allows for a dynamic approach by working with the nature. Beach nourishment restores the natural order and strengthens age-old natural processes.

Operations take often into account some environmental constraints, such as the breeding season.

Port Construction:

Port Construction:

Sea ports have always been the gateway to the outside world. The increase of world population, the commodity boom, the globalization of world economy, the growing demand for energy and the spectacular growth of maritime trade are the driving forces behind port construction and -expansion. New transport methods and the increase of scale of modern sea going vessels require continuous adaptations of existing ports and the construction of new ones.

CMC Limited has a vast experience in port construction. It involves often a multidisciplinary approach. Preliminary soil investigation, surveys, nautical studies, and environmental assessments are necessary. Dikes, breakwaters, and underwater bunds provide protected berthing. Capital dredging guarantees sufficient depth and width in the access channel, turning basins, docks, and at the toe of quay walls. The dredged material may beneficially be used for the reclamation of new land.

CMC Limited can provide the design and build aspects of all civil marine related structures in ports. (quay walls, jetties,…). Complete and integrated solutions can in this way be offered to our clients.

2-Dredge Manufacturing:

Dredger Manufactoring:

CMC Limited is currently partnering with NWAKAMA Dredge Limited in the area of building and fabrication of various sizes of dredgers and other supporting equipment. Nwakama is currently ranked No. 1 dredge manufacturers in Nigeria.

3-Dredge Sales/Lease:

Dredger Sales/Lease

Save costs by renting the right equipment. CMC Limited offers the short- and medium-term rental of modular and flexible equipment and vessels for operators in the dredging market. This enables you to cost-effectively execute projects and keep your equipment inventory at a minimum.

CMC Limited also act as brokers to different dredge manufacturers both locally and internationally. Some of our patners are Ellicott dredgers (USA), Highling Dredgers (China) and NWAKAMA Dredge Limited.

4-Dredge Consultancy:

We offer dredging consultancy services in the following areas of practice:

  • Project planning and design
  • Site investigation
  • Sample recovery and material analysis
  • Pumping system design and production calculation
  • Preparation of dredge specification
  • Dredge inspection, evaluation and recommendations regarding purchase, sale or repairs
  • Troubleshooting dredging operations
  • Training of dredge teams(Managers and crews)
  • Equipment survey
  • etc

5-Haulage/Supply Services:

Haulage/Supply Services:

CMC Limited partners with other companies to provide logistics, haulage and distribution services to various clients and bulk haulage to other corporate organizations within the private and public sectors of the economy.

We operate a highly efficient maintenance schedule for our trucks with a standby recovery truck to aid/facilitate service delivery. This also includes an ultra-modern truck/vehicle workshop staffed with dedicated and well-trained technical staff designed to cater for the various needs of the present fleet.

6-Training and Development :

Training and Development

CMC Limited offers On the Job Training (OJB) to dredge crews and management team in order to Improve their knowledge of different dredging applications, equipment selection, dredging processes, hydrographic surveying, soil characteristics and project management.

The training is designed for both technical and non-technical management professionals in dredging-related industries.

The training schedule covers introduction to dredging, maintenance training, production estimation training, safety training, project staff training, general dredging etc.

CMC Limited also act as brokers and link you directly to Training professional in Holland when needed.

7-Land/Hydrographic survey:

Land/Hydrographic survey

At CMC Limited we provide professional hydrographic, bathymetric and geographical survey services that cover a broad range of hydrographic disciplines.

Our surveyors have access to a range of hydrographic survey sensors, platforms, state-of-the-art technology and software, enabling us to deliver a unique, tailored data solution to your specific needs. Survey systems are selected based on the scope of work, water depth, operating frequency, range from shore, accuracy requirements, seabed conditions, and size of vessel.

All hydrographic projects start with the end in mind, and we will guide you through the options for surveying, mapping, GIS and visualisation deliverables. We’ll advise you on what the best approach is so we can meet your project’s quality, accuracy, time and cost goals.

Our hydrographic surveyors are all qualified surveyors, making Land Surveys your complete solution for all of your project planning, data acquisition, processing and reporting needs. We are early adopters of the latest, proven technology, meaning we’ve tried and tested work flows, allowing our surveyors to work smarter and more efficiently.

8-Exploration and Mining Services:

Exploration And Mining Services:

In a world of globalization, technology advancement, increasing regulation and fluctuating markets, exploration and mining face more complex challenges than ever before. To help you meet these challenges, CMC Limited offers an extensive range of services that covers exploration, plant design and engineering, production, industrial applications and decommissioning and closure. As your strategic partner, we provide testing, technology, trade services and consulting to help deliver more growth and lean efficiencies, improve your speed to market and reduce risk. Our industry experts can help you make the most of market developments and advances in technology, enabling you to maximize opportunities and stay ahead of your competitors.

To meet the challenges of this dynamic sector, we are constantly expanding our service offering across our global network of industry experts and cutting-edge facilities – delivering competitive advantage to you at every stage.

9-Infrastructural Development:

Infrastructural  Development:

For an economy to function properly, energy, highways and road infrastructure, transport and communication networks, municipal infrastructure including water supply and waste management facilities, are important components for development. The excess and quality of infrastructure directly affects a country’s economic growth potential, a nation’s regional and international competitiveness, as well as its prosperity and employment characteristics.
Having sound experience in designing and managing infrastructural projects, we provide the following services:

  • Infrastructure Project Management
  • Hydro Power Plant Development
  • Water Supply and Waste Management
  • Municipal Infrastructure

10-Bore-Hole Drilling:

Bore-Hole Drilling

Our Borehole drilling machinery, personnel, and practices guarantee your access to that odorless, colorless and tasteless water. We ensure you invest wisely as we offer soil analysis before drilling to check if the site in question is viable enough to produce the optimum drinking and usable water. Constructing state of the art and modernized boreholes in Nigeria is our niche. Let’s get started!

11-Swimming Pool Construction:

Swimming Pool Construction

We champion the construction of standard recreational swimming pool facilities in Nigeria. Our offer to you is the optimum swimming pool construction infrastructure with a lifetime warranty as we ensure deployment of the best in quality techniques, procedures, design and equipment to guarantee that your swimming pools stand the test of time. We are also masters in utilizing small space.